Gunpla Builds - Garbage Time

Traditionally I’ve only purchased model kits of mobile suits that I like, and am already familiar with (either via watching the show or reading the manga that they appear in). That changed over the last year, when COVID-induced supply shortages fried my brain and convinced me to grab kits that I found mildly appealing at best. Like these two for example:

These kits have me in a bit of a bind. I haven’t had any intention of building either of them any time soon, but I’m afraid that if I don’t build them, then they’ll both linger at the tail end of the backlog forever and ever.

Also, I don’t really have a space for them on my shelves. I mean, I have the physical space. It’s more of an organizational issue. I’ve been organizing my kits based on what show/universe/etc they appear in (along with one catchall shelf). Currently I don’t have any other models from either Gundam 00 or SEED, and I don’t plan on getting any more any time soon. There’s no point in creating shelf space for either show, and the catchall shelf is getting full.

So if I were to build them, where exactly would I put them? That’s when I realized - I could put them at my current desk at work. I don’t currently have any decorations at the office, and I could always use something to brighten up my days. Plus, I won’t be sad if anything were to happen to them.

Plus, if I do build them, they’ll also finally be off the backlog, thus assuaging any guilt I’ve had from buying them.

So now I have a space for these models, and the motivation to build them. I think they’ve just shot to the top of the backlog. Might as well knock them out.