Gunpla Build - High Grade Jupitive Gundam

Our Core Gundam journey continues with the Jupitive Gundam:

Spoiler Preface!!!

This post contains spoilers for Build Divers Re:Rise. You may want to skip it if you haven’t watched the show.

About the Mobile Suit

Here is what the Gundam Wiki has to say about the Jupitive Gundam:

A space combat form of the Core Gundam docked with the Jupiter Armor. It has enhanced mobility and attack power for space combat, with its Multi Container Bits that function as back-mounted additional thrusters and weapons being the best representative of the Gunpla's concept. Its main armament is the Beam Gatling Gun and the forearm's Manifer Bits can be used for remote attacks like the Multi Container Bits.

Weapons and Stuff

The Jupitive Gundam’s armaments clearly take inspiration from the bits and funnels used by various Universal Century mobile suits, such as the Nu Gundam and the Sazabi. But in typical fashion, Hiroto takes the idea to the next level, by creating two different kinds of bits.

First there are the Manifer Bits. These are normally docked on the wrists, but they also dock to the shoulders, presumably so they can fire while freeing up the arms:

I tried getting this shot myself, but the timing was too hard, so I grabbed this one from the Gundam Wiki

And of course they can detach and attack remotely:

Then there are the Multi-Container Bits. As the name implies, these are multi purpose bits. If attached to the backpack, they can serve as extra thrusters. If they’re detached, they can generate shields:

Or open fire:

Or generate a beam saber:

This whole setup is very clever. The Multi-Container Bits alone make the Jupitive Gundam both very powerful and very versatile. But then you throw the Manifer Bits in there to sweeten the pot. They can serve as dedicated offensive weapons, thus freeing up the Multi-Container Bits do one of their other jobs if need be.

It’s all in character for Hiroto, who is nothing if not prepared for every potential situation.


If you think about it, the Multi-Container bits - with their offensive, defensive, and thruster abilities- are something of a predecessor to the Bit Stave technology recently seen in the The Witch from Mercury.

Rounding out the arsenal is the Beam Gatling Gun. It’s a big, nasty, four-barrelled monster:

I don’t think there is any particular reason why the Space-Type mobile suit gets the rapid fire beam rifle, other than to differentiate it from the other Planet Armors (not to mention this is probably a simple example of Rule of Cool).

In any case, this is another weapon that seems inspired by various UC mobile suits, such as the Gerbera Tetra (I know there are other mobile suits with similar weapons, but that’s the first one to pop into my mind).


I’m pretty sure the Jupiter Armor is the second most frequently seen, behind only the Earth Armor. It debuts in Episodes 11 and 12, for our heroes’ first space battle:

And then again in a flashback to when it was first built:

And in another flashback that reveals that it participated in one of the major story battles from Gundam Build Divers:

And again when the Build DiVERS practice before the final battle (and then, of course, during the final battle):

That’s quite a lot of appearances, especially considering some armors get one or two episodes at best. But it makes sense when you consider that this is the space-type armor, and like most Gundam shows, Re:Rise spends a good amount of time in outer space.

About the Model Kit

Considering its prominence in the show, it is no surprise that this is one of three Planet armors that gets the “all-in-one model kit” treatment. Everything you need to create the Jupitive Gundam and all its accessories are in this box.

But it actually does one better than that. It also comes with a simple display stand, and some beam effect parts for the bits. This is quite easily the most deluxe-feeling Planet armor so far.

About the Build

I didn’t topcoat the last two Planet Armors. They ended up looking pretty great as bare plastic, and I was afraid a layer of topcoat would cause scratching as I removed and reattached the parts. But I’m thinking of trying it this time, if for no other reason than to see how it goes.

Other Thoughts

I technically started this build some time in early February, right after I finished the Earthree. But I shelved it again after the Mercuone arrived in the mail. I think I built roughly half of it in Feb, so I’ll be finishing the other half here in March.