Gunpla Build - High Grade Powered GM

Let’s look at another kit I started (and stopped) working on months ago. This time it’s the Powered GM Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory.

About the Mobile Suit

Here is what the Gundam Wiki has to say about the Powered GM:

The RGM-79 Powered GM was a testbed unit developed for the Gundam Development Project. Based on the RGM-79C GM Type C, it was equipped with an early development version of the RX-78GP01 Gundam GP01 "Zephyranthes"'s large backpack, as well as a pair of new model shock absorber units with integrated auxiliary power on its knees.

Thanks to these modifications, its thrust was increased by 30%. Due to being a testbed unit, it was not given a new model number. Since the units assigned to Torrington Base were destroyed and the Gundam Development Project was later erased from Federation records, the details of its modifications and its specifications were all lost.

That’s really all there is to it. The Powered GM is a GM Type C with some experimental gear strapped to it. It was never intended to be a new model, nor was it even intended to see combat.

Recycled Model Number

You may have noticed that the Powered GM's model number is RGM-79, the same as the original GM. Because it was only meant as a testbed for experimental gear, the military seemingly decided it wasn't worth it to come up with a new model number, so they just slapped an existing one on there.

Weapons and Stuff

The Powered GM uses a variety of standard issue Earth Federation weapons, like the bullpup machine gun, bazooka, and shield.

Appearances in Media

The Powered GM shows up early on in Stardust Memory. It gets its brief moment in the sun in one of the opening scenes, when it is being chased by a bunch of repurposed Zaku II F2’s as part of a testing exercise at the Torrington base in Australia.

The Powered GM runs a clinic on its opponents, outmaneuvering them:

As well as outgunning them (with paintballs, not bullets) at every opportunity.

Granted, it’s skirmishing against a bunch of extremely outdated mobile suits, but:

  1. It's taking on several of them at once, and
  2. It's running circles around them, and
  3. You can just tell by the way the Powered GM is animated that we're meant to be impressed by its moves

Not to mention that it’s a scene in which a GM gets to do cool things. That’s not something you see every day. As a GM fan, I’ll take what I can get.

Later on in the OVA, the Powered GM engages in actual combat, and the result is far less pretty. During a surprise attack on Torrington Base by Zeon remnant forces, one of the base’s two Powered GMs gets destroyed offscreen:


The second one (which is the one we see practicing in the opening scene) gets taken out later on, when Federation forces pursue the Zeon remnants after they steal the GP02 Gundam. A Dom Tropen launches a sneak attack in the dark of night, getting in close and firing its bazooka.

My guess is that had it known the attack was coming, the Powered GM probably would have avoided it. After all, we certainly know it’s quick on its feet. As to whether it would have managed to take out the Dom Tropen, that is another question entirely. And sadly, we’ll never know the answer.

Stardust Memory is the only time we see the original Powered GM, but a revised version of it shows up in Gundam Build Fighters Try, in the form of the Powered GM Cardigan.

It keeps the same basic design, but adds a whole bunch of extra weapons and thrusters. And like the original Powered GM, it shows up early on in the show before being phased out for other Gunpla.

About the Model Kit

This looks like a pretty standard (and old) GM kit. I don’t expect any major surprises from the build.

Other Stuff

I bought this kit way back in the fall of 2022 (has it really been that long?), and started building it roughly a year later in the fall of 2023. Then I put it on ice for about six months, only to finally get back to it now, six months later. This time I vow to get it done.